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AMIGOS Eye Care is a non-profit organization of students, doctors and lay people affiliated with Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon. AMIGOS is dedicated to providing quality vision care at no cost to underserved people in the Portland area and throughout the world.

Since its establishment in 1975, AMIGOS has grown to become one of the largest eye care providing organizations in the world, bringing services to thousands of people at home and abroad. With a collection of more than forty thousand pairs of glasses, AMIGOS recycles eyeglasses to individuals unable to obtain eye care. Under the supervision of Doctors of Optometry, AMIGOS members identify and find treatment for serious eye conditions which might otherwise result in severe vision loss or blindness.

AMIGOS is affiliated with VOSH International, whose primary mission is to facilitate the provision and sustainability of vision care worldwide to people who can neither afford nor obtain such care.

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Partnership with the World Health Organization

In December, 2001, VOSH partnered with the World Health Organization and pledged to eliminate preventable blindness by the year 2020.

"WHO estimates that 153 million people worldwide live with visual impairment due to uncorrected refractive errors. This figure does not include the people living with uncorrected presbyopia, which is likely to be quite significant, according to some early evidence. WHO, its Member States and partners are working to find ways to provide local, affordable corrective optical services to people in need, especially in poor areas with limited eye care services."
 - The World Health Organization

Please help us fulfill our pledge with the WHO to help eliminate preventable blindness!

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